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The portable fresheners are ideal for cooling facilities or temporary events such as tents, gazebos, parties, receptions etc. where temperatures, because of the intense heat and the high number of people inside, make the air stale and stifling.

Cool the air using a natural method: the evaporated water reduces the air temperature.
A pump draws water from the tank and moistens a large filter of natural cellulose.

The water evaporates from the filter and decreases the air temperature of several degrees. The fresh, clean air to spread in the environment and refreshes.

I fresheners are eco-friendly because they use only water and air for cooling. This method allows you to save up to 80 [%] compared to a normal air conditioner.

These air fresheners can be used both in an outdoor environment that in a closed environment by keeping open doors and windows; providing filtered fresh air for a comfortable environment. The bio Master coolers are the answer "natural" to your cooling needs.

Can be rented for short or long periods, the duration of an event or the 'summer season, or purchased at very competitive prices, excellent solution for not giving up on a very hot location with all the amenities for your guests .

The Ionized Adiabatic Coolers are the best of the technology existing today to reduce the bacterial load by sanitizing the environment and reducing temperatures by reducing the costs of electricity.

  • Refreshers portable
    Refreshers portable
  • Refreshers portable
    Refreshers portable