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The Screens are objects that allow you to decorate outdoors modern style but at the same time refined, creating intimate spaces where you can relax while sipping a drink.

For an external screen it is essential to set up an external space. From small folding screens to protect deck chairs and small tables from the wind and allow you to enjoy an outdoor area even during the winter or in the spring, when the night air can become annoying.

Screens Outdoor become a real need to set up terraces, patios and gardens of accommodation, or iron and glass to provide a warm shelter in winter. With the right coverage, screens outdoor offer protection to 360 from the elements, transforming any outdoor environment in a comfortable and pleasant place to live, even in winter.

The screen is designed and built with removable or fixed modules, available in different sizes, colors and shapes. Modular screens that allow you to create your own outdoor environments, prestigious and changeable over time.

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